About the Scholarship

Founded in May 2011 by entrepreneur Rino Armeni, the Las Vegas Business Academy (LVBA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the educational enrichment, professional development, mentoring, and financial support of college graduates pursuing a Law Degree or Master’s in Hospitality or Business at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). The LVBA is also currently in the process of integrating UNLV’s College of Engineering into the program. Through collaboration with UNLV and the city’s most influential industry professionals, the LVBA’s principal objective is in the development of Nevada’s next generation of outstanding business leaders. 

Students seeking to participate in this prestigious program will receive unparalleled mentoring from Las Vegas’ most respected industry leaders and will be considered to be eligible for up to $75,000 in scholarship funds. Scholarship recipients will be selected on the basis of exceptional academic record, demonstrated leadership capabilities, participation in college and community activities, honors received, work experience, stated goals and aspirations, unusual personal or family circumstances, outside appraisal and consideration based on financial need.

For more information, contact us directly at info@lvbanv.org

Scholarship Funding

These guidelines are intended to inform applicants about the criteria used by the Las Vegas Business Academy in making decisions about funding MBA, MHA, MEng and JD program.

  • Financial scholarship funding comes from the Las Vegas Business Academy.
  • Funding is subject to change each semester depending on recipients’ academic abilities and commitment to the required criteria.
  • Scholarship recipients may receive up to $75,000 in financial aid.
  • The Las Vegas Business Academy recruits only outstanding students that fulfill the required criteria. Recipients will be selected by the Academy’s scholarship committee and endorsed by the Academy’s panel of academic and business advisors.

Student Eligibility

All other factors being equal; the quality of the student’s proposal, the adviser’s recommendation letter and the pool of applicants will weigh most heavily in awarding scholarships. Additional factors that will enter into the decision-making process include:
  • U.S. Citizen.
  • Enrolled or plan to enroll in a MBA, MHA, MEng or JD program at UNLV.
  • Have a minimum college or post-secondary degree grade point average of 3.25 on a 4.0 scale.

Recipients Criteria

Students who accept a scholarship from the Las Vegas Business Academy are expected to complete a MBA, MEng or MHA in no more than two years and a JD in no more than three years. Recipients must fulfill the following criteria throughout the entire scholarship period:

  • Submit to random drug testing.
  • Successfully complete a background check.
  • Execute a contract – wherein you will commit to three (3) years of employment with a Nevada based company upon completion of the Master’s Program.
  • Commit to travel either domestically or internationally for work-related training.
  • Complete 333 hours per year of training/mentorship for JD program and 500 hours per year of training/mentorship for MBA, MEng or MHA programs.
  • Includes charitable work done at the direction of Las Vegas Business Academy.
  • Training programs (250 hours required by hotel school will be credited towards 500 hours).
  • Report within 48 hours any arrestor citations (non-traffic related).
  • Abstain from activity that would blemish the reputation of the recipient or Las Vegas Business Academy.
  • Participate in Las Vegas Business Academy events.


The LVBA is continuously looking for exceptional individuals to become future leaders and is always accepting applications from students interested in the program.

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