Our Mission

Las Vegas Business Academy (LVBA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to graduate school education.  The LVBA motto, “Finis Origine Pendet,” translates to “the end depends on the beginning,” which reflects its vision that a student’s academic achievements depend on the process of what they learn along the educational journey. The LVBA is committed to providing selected college students financial aid and unparalleled mentoring resources during their education so that they may become the future leaders of Las Vegas.

Our Consitution

I Adoption

The Las Vegas Business Academy was founded on May 19, 2011 by Rino Armeni. The academy is conceived and dedicated to creating a new class of business management professionals to support the future of Las Vegas. The mission of the academy, as set forth in its certification of incorporation is stated in this constitution.

This constitution of the academy is adopted pursuant to the provisions of the general non-profit corporation law of the state of Nevada and together with such by-laws as may be duly adopted shall collectively constitute the by-laws of the academy.

II Purpose

To organize the Las Vegas Business Academy into a group dedicated to the principles of mutual assistance and education through the admittance to membership in the academy, those individuals who have attained the requirements for membership as defined in the by-laws of the academy.

To study, discuss and define and further the interest of the academy whenever and wherever it is possible and necessary.

To encourage the advancement of students pursuing master’s degree education in business and hospitality management.

III Organization

The academy is a non-profit and non-sectarian corporation of business professionals.


The academy will not discriminate in its selection of members in any manner with regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin or political affiliation.

V Gender

For the purposes of this document and all addendums, changes and clarifications made to this document unto all perpetuity, the use of any word implying specific gender is also meant to be read as any and all other genders, in all cases.

VI Governing Body

The Board of Directors is the governing body of the academy. The chairman/founder is the elected head of the academy and its board and is responsible for its activities and actions.

VII Officers

There shall be two lifetime officers as follows: Chairman/Founder and Co-Chairman/co-Founder.

There shall be five (5) elected officers as follows: President, Vice President, Chief Administrator, Chief Financial Officer and Legal Counsel

These offices and the rights, responsibilities and privileges thereof are delineated and defined in the aforementioned by-laws appended hereto.

The board of directors (hereinafter know as the “board”).

VIII Elections

Officers of the academy shall be elected in accordance with the aforementioned by-laws appended hereto.

IX Committees

Committees will be created by the board to ensure the proper operation of the academy. Such committees will focus on clearly defined supporting roles to the academy’s goals and objectives.

This Constitution has been adopted and endorsed by the Las Vegas Business Academy at their monthly meeting on October 11, 2011.