The Las Vegas Business Academy is committed to providing select college students with financial scholarships and unparalleled mentoring resources during their graduate education to ensure they will become the next generation of business professionals to lead the Las Vegas community.

Our motto, Finis Origine Pendet meaning “the end depends on the beginning,” reflects the vision that a student’s academic achievements depend on what is learned along the educational journey.

Throughout their education, each student is paired with top-tier industry professionals to establish hands-on experience within their desired profession. The mentoring program is designed to give students the unique opportunity to acquire knowledge within industries directly and indirectly related to their professional aspirations.

The Las Vegas Business Academy scholarship students are required to demonstrate the talent, intelligence, dedication and motivation to be placed into an unrivaled professional development and mentorship program that ensures their career thrives from the moment the graduate from UNLV.

LVBA mentorship program is supported by one of the strongest nonprofit board of directors in Las Vegas, comprised of over 30 executives devoted to ensuring LVBA scholarship recipients receive priceless career guidance and job placement.

If you are interested in additional information on getting involved with the board or mentorship program, please contact info@lvbanv.org or call 702-998-2138.

Mentor Program

The LVBA Mentor Program provides both the mentor and mentee opportunities to develop lasting personal relationships.

The LVBA is committed to enhancing the competitiveness of its students by providing them with experiences outside the classroom. Through the LVBA Mentor Program, students receive the high-quality industry exposure and knowledge they need to succeed in business.

This program is designed to provide students the opportunity to learn about the way business is practiced today. This is accomplished with the guidance of successful and experienced LVBA board members representing students’ fields of interest.

The relationship between the mentor and mentee is based upon trust and mutual respect and consideration for the other person’s time, talents, and potential. Both parties benefit personally and professionally from a good relationship where they can speak to each other in an open and constructively honest forum.

The goal of the program is for LVBA members with professional experience to provide support, encouragement, and guidance to our MBA, MHA and Law student; to shape and influence the next generation of business leaders for Las Vegas.

The program is designed to be flexible and adaptable to meet the needs and fit within the schedules of the participants. A mentor and mentee should work together to define the scope of their relationship. For instance, some participants may determine it is best to talk on a regular basis, while others may decide more informal contact is better. The main goal is to create a mutually beneficial relationship for both parties. The mentor and mentee determine the frequency of meetings, means of communication, mentoring activities, appropriate and inappropriate boundaries (time not to call, etc.), as well as the mentee’s goal for the relationship.